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герб Nurlat


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About Nurlat

Population: 33 ths
Founded: 1905
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 1267

Nurlat is the town in the Republic of Tatarstan. It’s located on the bank of Kondurcha River, in 224 km to the southeast from Kazan.

Foundation of Nurlat refers to 1905 when it appeared as the station settlement. In 1961the settlement got the status of town.

There is an airport in Nurlat, but it doesn't function today. Sabantuy is spent annually in the field near the airport.

Oil, food and construction branches are well developed in the industry of Nurlat. Some large enterprises function in the town, among them is: production plant "Tatritekneft", JSC Nurlat sugar, and others.

Town visitors can put up at three-star hotel "Nurlat" on Sovetskaya Street. The small restaurant is opened here.

The Church of St. Elijah the Prophet on 50 let Pobedy Street is the most remarkable among all sights of Nurlat. This brick one-dome temple with a belltower was built in 1990.

There is a two-storeyed mosque built in 1988 on Komsomolskaya Street. Prayer hall of the mosque are divided into man and female.

The Russia's first monument to a horse was unveiled in 2004 on Central square of Nurlat. The bronze figure of a horse is fixed up on a marble pedestal. The sculpture is towns symbol in its way, after all the world Nurlat means "country of lambent horses".

Here, on the Central square there is a Cultural Centre. This is two-storied building, on which second and third floors the Regional museum of history of Zakamye and the town of Nurlat placed. The museum has rooms devoted to archeology, ethnography, nature and others. Among about eight thousand exhibits of the museum, the ancient table of prince Obolensky, the GAZ car and station buffet (symbolizing the history of the town originating from railway station) are the most interesting.

The official town Day is on December, 10.

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