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About Buinsk

Population: 21 ths
Founded: 1691
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 99

Buinsk is the city in the Republic of Tatarstan. It’s located on the bank of Karla River, 137 km to the southwest from Kazan.

Buinsk has been mentioned for the first time in the chronicle in 1691. Nearly hundred years on, in 1780, it was given the status of city. In 1804, city plan was developed, and Buinsk was being built up already according to this plan.

The food industry is well developed in Buinsk. There is Buinsk distillery, JSC Sugar Plant and other enterprises in the city.

A temple of the Holy Trinity, one of the main sights of Buinsk, is located on Kosmovsky Street. This stone-built temple was constructed in styles of classicism and baroque in 1791. A weaving mill was located in the building during Soviet period. In 1989, the temple was returned to believers.

Those who wish better to learn history of the city and the region can visit Buinsk museum of local lore which is located on Karl Marx Street. More than 3000 exhibit items are presented here. Besides, the excursions about history of the region, architectural monuments of the city and many others are arranged in the museum. The building the museum is located in is very interesting by itself, because it is an architectural monument of the 18th century. This is the two-storeyed building erected in style of classicism.

In 2011, a monument to health workers appeared in Buinsk. It represents hands hold a heart. There is an inscription below: "Shining to others, I burn down itself".

The official City Day is celebrated on September, the 16th.

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